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We are a group of people just like you, currently composed of three members. We run SmallWorlds X to spoil SmallWorlds' plans and show them to you, the community. We do this because it is sometimes fun, and is our little revenge to them for banning our accounts for their own security issue. We formed our Facebook page in 2011, and started with only around 10 likes to our page. As people found out about us, we grew, and grew, and we are now what you see today. We keep our avatar names and real names a secret, as SmallWorlds would gladly ban us and make sure we could not do this any longer, even though they have seemed to have opened up to the spoiling business. Learn more about us here.

Recent Spoilers

New Clothing! Views: 181, Comments: 3

Red Curtain Views: 262, Comments: 3

Random Items Views: 753, Comments: 10

Pet Houses Views: 328, Comments: 3

Zoom GoKart Views: 503, Comments: 6

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